DELTACARGO arranges every kind of documents for the Customs Agency and, as an accredited indirect representative, submits documents, acts and legal formalities on behalf of our customers.

DELTACARGO supports exporting companies at all times. Thanks to an advanced IT system and the EDI Connection with the Customs Authority, we submit your import, export and transit declarations and we arrange any other procedure with Customs or other official authorities.

Moreover, since 2014 we are Authorised Economic Operators. With this European certification, we are recognized as secure operators, simplifying and speeding up Customs Processes and contributing to a stronger and more secure supply chain and legitimate trade. That is how we manage to reduce waiting times to make sure your goods arrive at the agreed time and place.

Concurrently, if our client requires it, we offer goods and documents inspections to make sure our shipments go straight away to their destination without penalties and retentions at Customs Checks.

Thanks to our presence, either directly or indirectly through our agents, DELTACARGO offers solutions for customs procedures in every international market.