DELTACARGO offers a full range of logistic services in every sector. No matter what kind of goods, we can advise you depending on their needs. We carry urgent, oversized and bulky cargo and we can offer charter and “just in time” services.

Textile industry


Since our opening in 1989, DELTACARGO has become a main Spanish forwarder in the textile industry. A close relationship with national companies and worldwide groups has made us strong enough to undertake any kind of import or export operation that you could think of.

We offer garments quality controls, transport of hanging clothes, warehousing, distribution and compliance with any required customs procedures. Contact us and we will let you know how DELTACARGO can help you.

Food industry


Transporting perishable commodities implies complying with a series of strict rules in order to preserve freshness and healthiness. Special means are required for conservation and transport.

At DELTACARGO we count on infrastructure, capacity and logistics means for sea, road and air transport of this kind of commodities that require special conditions of transport so that they stay fit for consuming once they reach their destination.

Available means:

  1. Air transport: conservation and refrigeration stores.
  2. Sea transport: temperature- controlled containers.
  3. Road transport: refrigerated trucks.

Our available means, as well as our regular services to the Balearic, Azores and Canary islands guarantee that your products will arrive to the destination market in perfect conditions for consumption.

Individual services


At DELTACARGO you can benefit from a wide range of services specially designed for personal use at a very competitive rate.


We transport every kind of luggage with no need to pay high taxes to airlines and with the advantage of handing it in at any destination.

Moving with Deltacargo

We offer a door-to-door service if you are moving to another country, taking care of paperwork so that you can travel without worrying about it.

Repatriation of remains

We cover legal aspects, customs procedures and transport for a quick repatriation of your loved ones in case of death.

Transport of live animals

With our air freight service, you can transport your pet from the airports of Madrid, Barcelona and Las Palmas to a large number of destinations.

We carry out the required procedures to transport live animals and our logistics consulting department can help you with paperwork to avoid delays at veterinary border inspections.